Начало България БСП при Радев: Готови сме да работим за експертен кабинет с...

БСП при Радев: Готови сме да работим за експертен кабинет с третия мандат

БСП при Радев:  Готови сме да работим за експертен кабинет с третия мандат

President Rumen Radev continues consultations with parliamentary parties to form a regular government. „Revival“ representatives met with the head of state Rumen Radev at 9:00 a.m. today. At 11:00 a.m., the president met with representatives of the Bulgarian Socialist Party.

For the first time, the socialists attended consultations with the president without Kornelia Ninova, who resigned as leader. The meeting was attended by Atanas Zafirov, carrying out the functions of the BSP chairman, Borislav Gutsanov, chairman of the BSP parliamentary group, Christian Vigenin, Dragomir Stoynev, deputy chairman of the National Assembly, and Ivan Ivanov.

„Despite the challenges within your parliamentary group, you are the oldest Bulgarian party. I am convinced that you have your views and a formula either to support one of these options or even a more ambitious plan for the third term,“ emphasized Radev.

„We have a decision from the Congress and the National Council of the BSP not to support a government with a GERB mandate,“ reminded Borislav Gutsanov, chairman of the BSP parliamentary group, at the start of the 50th National Assembly.

He emphasized that the socialists will not engage in talks with a GERB mandate and admitted that there are plenty of other parties that can form a majority.

„There are about 15 such notebooks from the endless discussions we had in these two years, which is an illustration of the terrible political crisis that Bulgarian society is currently facing. This is primarily a crisis of trust. The crisis of trust is clearly illustrated by the low voter turnout,“ stressed Atanas Zafirov.

He commented on the complex geopolitical situation and tension with North Macedonia against the backdrop of expressed anti-Bulgarian rhetoric.

„In this difficult situation, we have two paths in front of us – one path is very convenient to be bystanders to what is happening, to take on a comfortable role of opposition from which nothing depends. The other path is to try to participate in these processes, being realists and aware of the outcome we got in these elections. Our collective bodies are categorical – we will not cooperate with GERB in any form of government. We have painfully suffered the results of fragmenting the left political space. We started our change by consolidating in the left. At the same time, as a party with great experience, we are obligated to offer a different approach. We continue to believe that at the moment, elections are not a good solution and we should work on forming a rational pro-Bulgarian sustainable Bulgarian government. We have the maturity to be a guide to such dialogue and a balancer in this complex situation,“ Zafirov added.

Earlier today, Rumen Radev talked to „Revival,“ and yesterday – with the first three parliamentary represented formations in the 50th National Assembly – GERB-SDS, DPS, and „We Continue Change – Democratic Bulgaria.“ 

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